Who We’ve Worked With

TMG has worked with many amazing people.
These are only some of the people that have requested an app be made for them, or uses our web hosting services.

Cellular Region,
TMG has worked with Cellular Region for over 6 months and going! TMG created their Website & Discord bot, and guess what? we host them all!

New Order RP,
TMG Has worked with NORP in the past. We created their discord bot that has many awesome and cool RP commands!

Hidden In The Shadows,
TMG has worked with HSG in the past to create a simplistic discord bot, with some cool & Fun commands!

Team Fiji,
TMG has worked with Team Fiji in the past, although its been quite awhile since. TMG worked with Team Fiji to create their Website & Discord bot.

Team Axel,
TMG has worked with Team Axel in the past to create a simple Website & Discord bot.

Voltric Esports,
TMG worked with Voltric quite awhile ago now, but again they still deserve a spot. We created Voltrics Discord bot.