Partner TOS

Section 1 - Common Terms Of Service
Togar Media Group Inc. Will be referred to as TMG.

If the Partner has more than one channel, this TOS only applies to the one that is partnered with TMG.

1. Partners must obey TMG TOS

1.5. Partners must agree to letting us use their channel name on our site and socials.

2. Partners must agree to TMG TOS Via the Partner Form

2.5. Partners must agree to having their voice published online. with photos being encouraged. (in special situations, voice is not needed)

4. Partners must have a stable YouTube upload schedule, with full interest in 
growing on YouTube

Section 1.5 - Use Of Words
1. Partners are not allowed to say any racial/homophobic slurs on videos/streams. ethnicity doesn't matter. TMG will take immediate action if this happens

1.5. Partners are encouraged to keep swears to a minimum

Section 2 - Privacy
1. TMG will update Partners on the Condition & Stability of TMG weekly,
Any information given to the Partner regarding these updates, must stay private, and within the TMG Partner Discord Server.

2. Any Partner that is noticed/exposed to be participating in any chargeable crime or activity, will be Terminated Immediately.

2.5. Giving out your IP address or address is forbidden, unless a specified and approved reason has been given to TMG beforehand.

Section 3 - Channel Requirements
1. YOUTUBE Partners must keep the Emailed About Footer Text on their channels about page at all times

1.5. YOUTUBE Partners must use the Default Description Footer sent to them, in their default video description, as to keep the audience informed that you are a TMG partner.

2. TWITCH Partners Must use the Panel Preset that was sent to them on their panels, as to keep the audience informed that you are a TMG partner.

Section 4 - Use Of TMG Assets
1. Partners are allowed to use TMG assets for non-profit reasons, and in videos/streams. You cannot sell, print or copyright these assets. Doing so will result in a Termination and Copyright Takedown.

Section 5 - Leaving
1. Partner is allowed to leave whenever they find it right to. However before they leave they must fill out a form to why they are leaving. After leaving, your page on our website will be taken down and your free Website & Domain will be halted and not renewed.

1.5. After leaving, the Partner cannot affiliate them selves with TMG any longer. An announcement must also be made on the channel, that you have left TMG. Whether that be a video, or an actual announcement, is up to you.

Section 6 - Channel Protection
1. TMG will protect you from any invalid copyright strikes. if you ever find an invalid copyright strike on your Twitch/YouTube channel, let us know ether by Email (from your provided one) OR a DM to the bot on discord. we will fight it on your behalf.

2. In a situation where you are being "canceled" TMG will do its best to help.
of course, that is if the reason to the "canceling" isn't valid. otherwise, your on your own.

Section 7 - Benefits
1. TMG will have a set page for your Partnered Channel and everything about it on
You can request customization changes to it via

2. TMG will provide you with a free Domain & Website that you can request anything (within reason) to be built. Refer to Section 5, 1.5 for leaving policys.

2.5. Provided domains and websites can be customized once every 2 days. 

3. You will be provided a custom email based upon your channels name, if you want this changed please contact

6:40 AM UTC+5