Togar Media Group Inc.

A Department Of The Togar Company

Togar Media Group is a MCN (Multi-Channel-Network) that brings many small youtubers/streamers together, in hopes of becoming successful.

We don’t have much to offer for joining us, except the journey we bring you on.
TMG doesn’t guarantee success, TMG was built on a risky idea, that could only be managed if TMG had the right Management, Developers, and Content Creators.
Our hope is that each Content Creator we bring in, will bring more publicity to TMG, bringing in even more Content Creators. and along with this all of our Content Creators can bump off each other, allowing for a quicker and faster channel growth. We (TMG) Will also have events with our Content Creators on a weekly basis, as to make sure they all feel connected and supported by each other. Events will be mostly games, with some chatting here and there.

as of 1/26/22 We start our long journey. So join us, were always looking for new people to come along with us. Who knows where this will lead all of us, but if we work together all the way, I’m sure it will be somewhere bright. Teamwork makes the dream work.

are you looking for Togar Media Group’s old website? if so, we created a new department for it, Togar Apps, (TAPPS) Which is available at https://togar.app. All of our projects have been moved to there, TDCN, TDGA, etc.